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L’éternèbre is a two piece improvisational experiment currently floating around the Chicago sound scene. The biography on their facebook is most definitely the perfect thing to read while listening to their abstract synth-based drones. Among many other notable snippets, their biography includes the totally tripped out observation of a fish tank includes the phrase “ghostly waves rise ad infinitum in the microscopic space between the water and the glass.”

If you find yourself absolutely worn out from stress, work, a rough bump in a meaningful friendship, or just a long day, go sit in the most comfortable chair you can find and listen to L’éternèbre’s first track “I’m Barely Floating” a few times on repeat. You will be so zoned out that you won’t care about any of your previous concerns.

Their second track, “An Uneasy Morning Train Ride” is very appropriately named. This track is a bit more complex than the first, and it contains many sounds which remind me of routinely awkward public transportation systems. This even includes a segment of an inaccurately tuned radio or an announcer coming through an almost done for speaker system.

L’éternèbre has seven songs on SoundCloud, and each has its own distinct feeling. Become familiar with this music. Learn which situations each song applies to, and then allow L’éternèbre’s soundscapes to free your mind and soul at exactly the most appropriate times in your life. At the very least, give these songs an honest listening to from a comfortable chair or bed one night.