May 2012

Fall Classic


Fall Classic released an album on April 17 called Nerves on Bandcamp and it’s full of interesting production and songwriting. This band has a lot of good things going for them, and I’m continually more impressed with these songs as I listen to them.

You can download all 12 tracks straight from the band’s Bandcamp page at the price of your choosing. They’re worth much more than zero dollars. Check them out! The better your speakers, the better your impression will be. These songs were obviously recorded well and meant to be experienced in a good listening environment.

Sarah And Kate Sparks

The Fish And The Bird

Sarah and Kate Sparks of Chicago made a really cute ten track acoustic album called The Fish And The Bird. It’s on Bandcamp for seven dollars, or you can stream it for free. These are great acoustic duets, sort of in the style of things often explored by Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons or The Civil Wars.


The first track on their album, “Darling,” seems to be a really sincere love ballad. The persistent double vocal melody is spot on, and the song is structured with a perfect balance of interesting and familiarity.