April 2012


Zone Out Music

It’s almost 4:30 in the morning. I’ve got a lot of papers to write and finals are next week. It’s time for some zone out music. Electronic artists understand very well the need for music that can take you to perfectly blank states, mentally. Chicago’s Blitzcracker is among the best new electronic artists I’ve encountered lately.

Ten-Speed Music

Isaac Pierce EP

I am genuinely impressed by Ten-Speed Music’s “Isaac Pierce EP.” The only tag besides Chicago on Bandcamp for this is “rock,” and so I was expecting something much more electric. These songs are actually totally perfect acoustic songs. The Head And The Heart recommended this EP, and the similarity in their songwriting to the songs here is pretty observable.

looking for 1979 song from chicago area

Hi..Long shot here..I'm looking for any info on a song playing on local chicago stations way back in 1979..It was a country song that I have yet to hear again since then..I'm assuming it was a local artist and I have been wanting to hear this again since I first heard it 30 years ago..Anyone who thinks they would be interested in helping me would be truly appreciated...It's basically a song about a guy who finds out his wife is pregnant and he sings about the things he is going to do with this little cowboy..At the end, his wife has a baby girl and the guy says this is what he's always wan