March 2012

The Hudson Branch

The Hudson Branch is a solid band from Chicago, one of the most solid I’ve discovered in my never-ending Bandcamp searches. They released a really good album in 2009 called “Tightrope Walker,” and there’s one song called “Periodic Table Of Elegance” on their Bandcamp from something called “World Kid” that Bandcamp says will be released on April 24. If the rest of “World Kid” is a great as that song, that’s going to be a really, really incredible album.

Tiny Manatee - 'Cookie Caves'

Somewhere between garage punk and space rock lands Tiny Manatee, who combine the rough edges of Pixies vox with enormous Hum-inspired guitar riffs. This is the best song about apocalyptic confectionary you will ever hear. I promise.

New Lenox

My band had the excellent fortune of playing a house show in the suburbs Saturday night, and I am so incredibly impressed. New Lenox is full of awesome people, awesome hot dogs, and one really great shower from Canada. We played in a certain Matty P’s basement, and I met the craziest kids in the country. These kids are still in high school, but they’re definitely having way more fun than most of the college kids I know.