January 2012

Soma Sound

Soma Sound is making significantly better psychadelic jam rock than normal. I usually hate this genre, but I found myself listening to this for a long time without complaining. I do wish that the track on their BandCamp called “15 Minute Ride” were fifteen minutes long though. It comes up short at ten minutes and forty seconds. It’s a live track though, which is probably why I liked it more. This kind of music is always better live than recorded and over produced. Jam bands are meant for playing shows. I would actually probably like the genre way more if every single recording from every psychedelic rock or jam band were live.

Verma - 'Unending Night'

Ethereal yet unyieldingly heavy, this track from Chicago's genre-crossing outfit Verma sounds like shoegaze pinned down by a million lead bullets at once. Check them out at the Hideout on the 21st.