October 2011

+Adj (Plus A DJ)

Chicago Underground Rap Artist

           Music has definitely come a long way. I say that because the many young artists are taking over the music industry in 2011, showing their true talent. For instance, +adj is a Chicago native that has shocked many listeners with a lot of his music. He's a rapper but wouldn't mind showing that soulful side of him being a singer. I've watched his lyrical skills improve over the years. I did attend high school with him and even back then he was someone to look out for, music-wise. One of my favorite songs by Adj+ is called "The Darker Leaves". The song explains so much about how society can turn minor problems into major problems. The song goes on to explain about judgment in the African-American community to crimes that haven't got the proper attention, in his opinion. Recently, +adj has formed a music group by the name of A.M.F.M. The group consists of the Chicago rappers and singers with crazy talent that is just waiting to be discovered. I Feel as if underground artists have the most dedication than anything, and I've listened to +adj's music over the years and he has taken by breath each time I listen to a new song by him.


Two Man Crew (+adj & Just One) - Farenheit 451

The various of styles that +adj captures through his music is remarkable. I believe anyone could relate because his lyrics talks about life and it's hardships. What is really amazing to me is that +adj is a teen rap artist but just by reading his lyrics you wouldn't think a teen would know so much, that's what really draws his music listener's attention. +adj has recently done shows in the Chicago area with his group A.M.F.M and you heard it from me first, this young artist's dedication to his music will soon pay off.

..Oncore, Oncore

Chicago Underground Rap Artist

The truth about underground/unsigned artists would be that they are often not given the respect that they really deserve. The proper recognition isn't given to them, in that case, they must earn it. Some are unfortunate because they don't have the right people promoting them, not being properly educated on the business of music, or sometimes just due to unfortunate events. With that being said, as an underground artist, Oncore, could be one of the most talented unsigned artists I've listened to in a while. He's pretty much the "buzz" of Chicago right now.