Ten-Speed Music

Ten-Speed Music

Isaac Pierce EP

I am genuinely impressed by Ten-Speed Music’s “Isaac Pierce EP.” The only tag besides Chicago on Bandcamp for this is “rock,” and so I was expecting something much more electric. These songs are actually totally perfect acoustic songs. The Head And The Heart recommended this EP, and the similarity in their songwriting to the songs here is pretty observable.

“The Clearing” is probably my favorite track on this EP. It’s absolutely beautiful. This is the kind of song you can listen to extremely actively or extremely passively and still understand the feeling. Feelings from music are usually indescribable, and this song very much creates that sort of almost tangible, yet totally indescribable sense of something larger than the music itself. It’s so simple, but it’s perfect.

All the other songs on this EP are great as well. So are Ten-Speed Music’s other albums. Check out “Ten-Speed;” for more of a full band sense of Isaac Pierce’s songwriting. Personally, I like “Firewater Pinhole Camera” a bit more, but I must admit that my favorite of the Ten-Speed Music recordings is easily the “Isaac Pierce EP.” Some of those songs are just undeniably beautiful.

Be sure to head over to Ten-Speed Music’s Bandcamp to get a better sense of what I’m talking about here! Music can’t be described accurately with just words. These songs are great, and they’re totally worth checking out. Go ahead and download them if you’re feeling generious, or continue to stream them for free as long as they're on Bandcamp!