Sarah And Kate Sparks

Sarah And Kate Sparks

The Fish And The Bird

Sarah and Kate Sparks of Chicago made a really cute ten track acoustic album called The Fish And The Bird. It’s on Bandcamp for seven dollars, or you can stream it for free. These are great acoustic duets, sort of in the style of things often explored by Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons or The Civil Wars.


The first track on their album, “Darling,” seems to be a really sincere love ballad. The persistent double vocal melody is spot on, and the song is structured with a perfect balance of interesting and familiarity.

The title track starts out with really great whistle tones, and then plunges right into a sort of seaside story song. The melodies here are very catchy, the lyrics are totally relatable, and this is one of the strongest songs on the album. They use some often overdone themes and metaphors, but they do it very well. The swelling, wordless choruses work well, and this song is totally solid. That accordion is great.

Check out Sarah And Kate Sparks if you’re in or around Chicago. If you’re not, head over to their Bandcamp page and give them a listen or two! They’ve also got a really great cover of Amazing Grace up as a bonus track. That’s such a classic choice, and they do it very well. I’m always pumped to hear people revisit old tunes like that and sort of give them new interpretations and exposure. They’re totally doing that. Excellent work, Sarah And Kate Sparks!