I don’t know who Maxwell is, but the track “Maxwell” seems really serious.

Dowsing thinks they can beat me at Monopoly. That’s where they’re wrong. Dowsing, I challenge you to a game of monopoly. Help my band get a show in Chicago in May, and I’ll show you how to play board games.

This music is really good! They tagged it as pop, indie, and emo. So, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it’s really better than most of my concepts of those genres. Erik Czaja, Gooey Fame, Delia Hornik, and Marcus Nuccio have some of the craziest names I’ve heard in a while, and they’re making really honest rock and roll.

“…And That’s Why You Always Leave A Note!” is probably my favorite track on Dowsing’s Bandcamp page. It’s the shortest, but it’s really solid and really honest. He sings about turning of the heat in the winter to save money and wearing jackets inside. That’s great, and my roommates and myself totally do that. Heating a house is expensive.

I don’t know who Maxwell is, but the track “Maxwell” seems really serious. Songs like that are great, and I’m sure after a few more listens I will start to appreciate it more. Songs about longing are great, and they’re good for that emo tag.

Dowsing has over thirteen hundred fans on Facebook, and they have an active Tumblr account. From their pictures, they’re probably pretty fun to watch. Check them out of you can! If not, at least head over to their Bandcamp or send them a message explaining that you’ll totally beat them at Monopoly.