Cut Teeth

Cut Teeth

Chicago Raw Rock

Cut Teeth have an album on Bandcamp called “Televandalism”. It was released just a couple weeks ago, and it’s totally solid. They’re playing at the Beat Kitchen on February 24th, and you should totally go check them out!

These are punk rock songs, and they’re as solid as you’d expect from a band called Cut Teeth. They hit hard, and they make you want to run really fast. This kind of reminds me a lot of early Showbread type raw rock. That’s a really great thing. I miss that kind of stuff. Maybe I should come to Chicago more often. Is this what you guys are doing all the time up there?

“Who Is Thomas Driscoll?” is my favorite track on the album, and it’s got quite a bit of variety. The first couple minutes make me miss raw rock more than I’ve missed any genre, and then there’s a really solid breakdown for about another minute that kind of makes me wonder what mewithoutYou is doing nowadays. This is a totally solid track, complete with an analog delay sounding fadeout. Correct me if I’m wrong.

“Desert Vines” is even more raw rock, but it’s not quite as catchy. Still, this is totally solid. This is up on Bandcamp as name your price, so I’m totally going to get it, and I can tell that this is a track I’m eventually going to love. It’s really, really good to have a nice mix of songs that are immediately consumable and songs that take a while to fully get your head around.