Children of Bodom and Devin Townsend Coming to Chicago

Children of Bodom and Devin Townsend Coming to Chicago

On July 6th, The House of Blues in Chicago is host to the “Ugly World Tour 2011” featuring headliner Children of Bodom along with prog powerhouse Devin Townsend Project and Septicflesh and Obscura.  If you are a fan of metal or heavier music at all, this is a show you will not want to miss.

Admittedly, I am unfamiliar with Septicflesh and Obscura – though I have heard one Obscura song and did enjoy it – but one of the great things about metal concerts is the pleasant surprises that the opening bands provide.  It is rare to find an opening metal band that is utterly awful in all aspects.  Obviously, they are the openers for a reason, but metal bands are generally “good” and talented, so there is always something enjoyable to find by arriving when the doors open and listening to all the acts.

But the real draws for the show are Hevy Devy and CoB.  At the time of the concert, the Devin Townsend Project will have released its (his) final two albums: Deconstruction and Ghost.  These are the follow-ups to the masterful Ki and Addicted from 2009.

Devin Townsend never fails to deliver, whether it’s with Strapping Young Lad, his band, or his project, or anything else, and this set is guaranteed to be immensely amazing.  With new songs available for this particular set, expect a very heavy dose of DTP songs, with a few band or other solo songs tossed in for a healthy balance.  All in all, you can’t go wrong with anything Devy decides to play, and his set will be the perfect complement to what will come on after him.

Children of Bodom is an interesting band to me.  Their first four albums are stunning work, keeping up the tradition of quality metal coming out of Finland and other Scandinavian countries.  Sometimes referred to as “Nintendo-metal” for a seeming lack of heaviness, CoB’s first several albums are crushing, but indeed not in a heavy fashion.  Rather, the emphasis is on stellar guitar and keyboard work, and the result is a very effective and unique sound.  Unfortunately, the latter few albums have been less than stellar, but as one who has yet to see them live, I would highly recommend doing so to anyone who is a fan of any portion of their catalogue.  A quick glance at a recent setlist shows old classics and favorite sprinkled throughout so it is good to see the band hasn’t forgotten its older fanbase.  Of course, that set is from a show in Germany, so hopefully they don’t think American fans only want to hear the newer stuff.

Overall though, again, if you are a metal fan or a fan of either of the two main bands, get yourself a ticket.  You won’t be disappointed.  Here’s why:

Children of Bodom

Devin Townsend Project