Zone Out Music

It’s almost 4:30 in the morning. I’ve got a lot of papers to write and finals are next week. It’s time for some zone out music. Electronic artists understand very well the need for music that can take you to perfectly blank states, mentally. Chicago’s Blitzcracker is among the best new electronic artists I’ve encountered lately.

I heard somebody on NPR the other day say that the best way to deal with creative blocks is to stop focusing for a while and try and totally shut off that left brain logic. For me, the easiest way to quit thinking about reality and just get to a purely blank frame of mind is through good electronic/ambient music.

I found this track called “Doom” from Blitzcracker, and I must say, it immediately hit the spot for me. I listened to it all the way through twice before I started writing this, and I’m listening to it again as I type. I was really stressed all day, and this is doing a great job of making me remember that stress is self-induced. I can just forget about my problems for a while, and then when I come back to them they won’t seem so bad.

Check out Blitzcracker’s Bandcamp page. Listen to this track “Doom,” and let your mind shut off all that worrisome logic, if only for a little while. Everyone needs a break every once in a while, and this is the kind of music that understands that and helps take you there.